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An Odyssey

Yuleezus is a South Florida manga artist (Mangaka), draftsman, and graphic designer. The artist is best known for meshing pop-culture motifs and manga aesthetics to create a very eccentric style in the process. This manga style of design is seen most prominently among his commercial client work which consists of album cover designs, promotional designs, package designs, and most notably apparel designs.

Yuleezus worked as the lead graphic designer for the Jamaican Clothing Line; Cooyah, creating designs for apparel and marketing from 2015 to 2017. His work has also been showcased in the Bear & Bird Boutique located in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Today, Yuleezus works with clients to bring their creative visions to life. Additionally, Yuleezus has a manga series in development as well as a merch collection coming in 2021.

If you are looking for commercial work with a manga or anime theme, contact us Yuleezus today!


The Goal

The focus is to create stories that resonate with us and our daily lives. 

Through these stories, I hope to demonstrate that we're more alike than what we perceive. That we're more than our petty differences. 

In addition, I want to contribute to making the medium of manga and anime more mainstream than it already is.

Tools of the Trade

It is important to invest in the proper tools of one's trade. I find myself working more in digital applications using my tablet and desktop to create digital illustrations. However, I still use analog drawing tools like nibs, brush pens, and french curve to create.



My studio is fully equipped to take on any Illustration or design project. Most recently, it has been setup to stream content.


With over 500 volumes of manga in my collection, I have a great resource of content to get me through the day and inspire the next page of manga, a new design, and different approach in life.

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