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Commissions are now open.

Prices vary from piece to piece. Please keep in mind that commission turnaround time varies depending on the current client roster. 

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The 5-Stage Process

Commissions follow a 5-Step process to completion. We do not move on to the next stage without your approval. This keeps you involved through the whole process and ensures you get the exact piece you were looking for. 

  • Stage 1 | Concept Roughs - These are rough sketches to establish the overall composition of the drawing or design.

  • Stage 2 | Refined Sketch - This sketch will have all the updates made and resemble what the final drawing/design will look like.

  • Stage 3 | Outline - This will be a black and white outline of the piece's overall design.

  • Stage 4 | Color Block In - You may have your color scheme decided at the beginning of the project, but we will still explore various color schemes that will enhance the overall quality of the drawing/design in stage 4.

  • Stage 5 | File Format - By this point, all previous edits and revisions have been made and the final approval has been given. The files for the project will be formatted for digital or print applications according to your project needs. 

**Please note that once each proof has been approved, you cannot go back and make further changes. Doing so will result in surcharges on the account. ​

**Please refrain from requesting established anime or manga characters in your illustration or designs.

**Any graphic file(s) provided must be your sole proprietary assets. Yuleezus Studio and the artist are not responsible for any legal action taken against you for using copyright infringed properties.

*These workflow stages apply to most design jobs. Please message me for more information.

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Lock in your commission today.

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