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2020 A Year in Review

The only good thing about this year was growing my manga library from 30 volumes, to over 500!

But let‘s call a spade a spade, and mark 2020 as one of the most trash years of our millenial lives. At least in the 5 worst years next to 2008.

I will say this: there are a few silver linings, in that (A.) Most of us found how hard we were willing to hustle to make things happen, and (B.) That 9-5 grind is trash and you’re really disposable at the end of the day. Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a salary job, and the truth of the matter is we’re not all going to be Jeff Bezos. But even with that being said there’s got to be more to life than a 9-5.

I found myself extremely glad I was in a creative space, because listen man; creators are going to create. As a result of creating I connected with many dope people that helped me grow and appreciate my craft a bit more. Most notably are Mae Col of MadebyMae, Desteny of DesX Cosmetics, and Deja of DG the Label. The pieces I created with them solidified the thought that my manga style of design can turn into something truly noteworthy. It also made me realize how close minded I had been, and how many opportunities were slipping by.

Since starting the Yuleezus instagram account in 2014, I only posted on there once in a while, and as mentioned in my previous blog post, I didn’t bother creating a website. I didn’t even bother using any other social media, not facebook, not twitter, nothing. It was a completely stupid move on my end (from a branding standpoint at least).

All that changes now. I took some time this week to make sure I had consistent branding on:

- Facebook

- Instagram

- Twitter

- YouTube

Hell, even on - Twitch

I also started drawing out a content plan for this year that includes live streams, manga reviews, and even some gaming. Everything mentioned revolves around the things I love, and how does that saying go? “If you do what you love, you never work a day in your life...” or something like that?

I’m a strong believer in taking advantage of every resource available to you. You need to leverage those resources until you know for a fact you and your people are set!

I’ve got it figured out. I’m Yuleezus, a mangaka, graphic designer that’s going to create til the day I die.

What are you going to do?

- Yuleezus

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